Minutes for OH Steering Committee Meeting, 2/22/17

Minutes for

OHA Steering Committee Meeting,

Feb. 22, 2017


Present: Josh Alper, Moose Meserve, Ari Ofsevit, Doug Shaffer, Stroker Rogovin, James Wrigley.

 1)          Treasurer’s Report (Moose).

2017 income has been strong to date, with minimal expense. Major expenses to come include road repairs at the Cabin, hut croo photo project for Lonesome Lake, and website development.


2)         Cabin (Stroker)

Huts Field Supervisor, Eric Gotthold, continues to oversee the addition of recent OH photos to the collection now on the Cabin walls. John Thompson is assisting. Ari Ofsevit will review signage at the Cabin and recommend improvements geared towards simplifying and consolidating our messaging.


3)         Event Planning (Moose, Stroker)

Spring Reunion, 5/20: Mike Waddell has stepped down as organizer so we’re looking for someone to manage this event. Moose to solicit input from Richard Stetson, Bridget Qualey, Dick Low, and other regular participants.


Gala: Beth Weick is compiling a list of younger OH who can represent the OHA at this hut system orientation and possibly at End-of-Summer and End-of-Fall parties. List includes Phoebe Howe, Jeff Colt, Ben Leoni, Lorne Currier. James Wrigley will suggest more candidates.


Fallfest, 11/4: featured speaker will be Bob Proudman, joined by other Trail Crew alum, who will speak about Trail Crew history. All TC alum are invited, and TC is welcome to hold their annual reunion alongside the OHA’s if they’re so inclined. Fallfest to feature an OHA focus group, as in recent years; live music jam; geology walk led by Brian Fowler; report on summer 2017 by current croo; possible volunteer project in the AM, followed by lunch at the Cabin; brief presentation by an AMC staffer on summer hut volunteer opportunities; plus plenty of other fun stuff.


4)         Membership Development (Moose, Stroker)

Moose Meserve had a productive meeting with James Wrigley and Eric Gotthold in which they explored how the AMC and OHA can support each other, and how the OHA can continue to expand our outreach to younger members, and recent and current croo. Some of the ideas discussed:

> Encourage OH to host events & post photos on the OHA website and FB page.

> July 15th is hereby declared OHA Mountain Day. Climb a mountain, take a photo, share it.

> Expand our social media presence. Snapchat, Instagram, other? Someone willing to lead this?

> Reduce cost of family cabin pass to $100. (Committee approved this measure.)

> Provide incoming croos with custom OHA tees, decals, water bottles, introduction letters (w/ events, cabin info, membership benefits)

> Keep exploring ideas for family-oriented events, but closer to Boston.

> Promote hut volunteer opportunities: Hut Ambassador, fill-in, AMC info and Naturalists.

> Sponsor community volunteer opportunities (possibly one during Fallfest).

> Produce more videos of social events, “croo experience”/fun, oral histories, etc.


5)         Lonesome Croo Photo Project (Stroker)

Beth Eisenhower has been spearheading the collection of missing photos and donations and will make one last push before sending materials to Sally Dinsmore for final production.


6)         Greenleaf Croo Photos (Stroker)

James Wrigley has a few historic Greenleaf photos that were left behind at Fallfest. Stroker to contact Bill Barrett about final disposition.


7)         Website (Stroker)

Stroker spoke with Joe Davis, a web marketer referred by John Thompson. He also sought the advice of web designer Dan Racowsky. Both sources recommended converting the current website to a WordPress format. Many major corporations and non-profits are using WordPress templates now that they have improved. WordPress is relatively inexpensive, the format is easy for multiple parties to use, and readily customizable, with plug-ins that should meet our needs. Committee agreed to hire a web developer to maximize functionality & help with migrating content. Dan Racowsky has experience with manually migratging wesbites (one of his projects, Scrum.org, has 25K members). Cost of this project should be around $5K and take 2 months. A subcommittee will assist, as needed: Ari Ofsevit, Beth Weick, Nathaniel Blauss, Taylor Burt, Stroker.


8)         Resuscitator Update



9)         Trails Report (Bill Barrett, John Thompson)



10)        Huts Report (James Wrigley)

James and staff recently completed 70 interviews for new croo. This year’s big project is the Lake’s septic

system. That’s big.


11)        New & Other Bidness

Stroker recently ran into master painters Erik Koeppel and Laura Sansaricq, now residents of Jackson, NH, who paint exquisite White Mountain landscapes in the style of the Hudson River School. Check out their stuff online. Mind-blowingly beautiful.

AMC Joe Dodge Award winner for 2017: our own Willy Ashbrook. Thanks to Elizabeth Seabury, Bill Barrett, and Benny Taylor for advancing his nomination. Well deserved!


11)        Date for Next Steering Committee Meeting: April 25, Portland, ME.




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Minutes for OH Steering Committee Meeting, 12/13/16

Minutes for

OH Steering Committee Meeting,

Dec. 13, 2016



Present: Nat Balch, Bill Barrett, Nathaniel Blauss, Tom Kelleher, Jenna Whitson Koloski, Moose Meserve, John Thompson, Stroker Rogovin, Beth Weick.



Treasurer’s Report (Moose). Financials looking good overall. Dues are slow, now at 95 (typically 400 annually), but are expected to pick up. Expenses way below income to date. Larger expenses to come in the year ahead include road work, Lonesome and Greenleaf Hut Croo photo projects, and production costs of video related to the recent Lakes and Mizpah hut anniversaries.


Cabin (Stroker). Photos of Y-OH photos are finally finding their way onto the walls of the cabin with the help of Huts Field Supervisor Eric Gotthold and John Thompson. A recent Resuscitator article invited younger members to contribute more photos.

Cabin signage needs improvement. Info needs updating, simplifying, consistency, more visible posting, etc. John Thompson to review, possibly with help from Ari Ofsevit.           


Fallfest (Beth Weick and Nathaniel Blauss, Bill Barrett, Stroker). Bill Barrett reported on the Greenleaf Croo Photo auction he managed, which sold 6 of the 8 decade photos, netting the OHA $170.

Lincoln Benedict produced a short video of the Lakes 100th Anniversary which he also helped shoot. He has access to additional raw footage and will be approached about producing additional videos. David Huntley donated his time and talents to the original push of shooting and cataloguing material, so after the cost of equipment rental, our original budget of $5K for video of the Lakes and Mizpah events still has funds remaining that can be put towards additional work. Both David and Lincoln are expected to contribute videos as their schedules allow.

A trail race held earlier in the day, was promoted and produced by Ari Ofsevit, who also conveniently won the event. Bill Barrett cooked chili for the surviving contestants.

Grace Pezella gave the featured presentation based on her graduate thesis: the history of women in the huts. The talk was well received, and Nathaniel Blauss will ask her for copies of her slides and text for archiving on the OH Website.

Beth Weick facilitated another fruitful Y-OH listening session before Happy Hour, with help from Nathaniel Blauss. It yielded additional helpful suggestions from Y-OH regarding the website, events, communications, the Cabin, and things we can do to improve our “brand.” Many of these suggestions have been mentioned before, and some have already been acted upon by the Steering Committee in the past few years. Some of these past accomplishments were reviewed, including:


Ideas we’ve implemented:

– affirming zero-tolerance for sexual harassment

– pack multiple events together during Fallfest (e.g., interesting speaker, music jam, trail race, after-party at the Cabin)

– non-PayPal options for paying dues and cabin fees (including credit and debit cards)

– delegate regional “fun coordinators” and encouraging them to plan social events

– reminders for ‘Tator submission before deadline (email and FB)

– use ‘Tator to solicit member info

– post Y-OH photos at Cabin (in progress)

– Y-OH representing the OHA at Gala

– OH opportunities in the huts, including fill-in croo and OH Ambassador Program

– OHA reps at End-of-Fall party (as well as Vinnie Night)

– keep events affordable and, where possible, accessible by public transportation

– encourage Y-OH to enjoy OH Ambassador hut visits

– link OH croo database to online member map

– sponsor events specifically geared toward Y-OH (pub crawls, trail race)


Ideas we’ve tried or are actively discussing:

– merging Gala and Spring Reunion (not viable in the short-term)

– upgrading the website

– more succinct and visible signage at Cabin

– family events targeting OH in their 30s and 40s


Ideas others have run with:

– online easy-to-use directory (via FB, courtesy of Caty Enders)


Ideas promoting Y-OH already undertaken by the Steering Committee:

– leadership sharing (7 of the 11 nominees for the 2017 Steering Committee are Y-OH, including both ‘Tator editors)

– direct outreach to Y-OH to help with events and planning

– “road show” Steering Committee meetings to towns with concentrations of members


Additional ideas proposed at this year’s Y-OH listening session:

– encourage people to refer to us as the OH, or OHA, not the Old Hutman’s Association. We have been officially incorporated as The OHA for over a decade, but confusion persists. Time to drop the old name. Women have been working in the huts for 40 years. We don’t need a name that makes us sound like a men’s club. This can be confusing and off-putting to younger women in particular.

– OH should hold each other to high standards of conduct and practice inclusivity, especially toward women and younger members

– distribute free OHA tees to incoming croo (Moose to get sizes from James Wrigley)

– make website compatible with mobile devices

– improve website functionality (particularly croo data base); simpler and more attractive design

– multiple ideas for leveraging online presence for job networking, help wanted, etc.

– improve communications with Fall croos, including welcome letters, OH membership cards,

OHA reps at Fall Gala and End-of-Fall party, invitation to join upcoming events, etc.

– stay on message that sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated

– keep expanding Cabin photo collection to include photos of more recent croos

– sponsor work projects, such as trail work, or volunteering in local communities (possibly

partnering with AMC and/or current croo), or a cabin work day

– actively promote opportunities for Y-OH to return to the huts as info vols, fill in, OH Hut Ambassadors, etc.


Membership Development (Elizabeth Seabury). Elizabeth organized a family day at a waterfront park in NH last August, targeted at OH with young families, but the event was poorly attended. She’ll continue to explore whether there’s a demand for family-oriented OH events, and what they might look like.


Lonesome Croo Photo Project (Stroker for Beth Eisenhower). Bushes have been beaten, funds raised, and missing photos found, all thanks to the persistence of Beth Eisenhower. James Wrigley and his crew have also done some searching for missing material. Plan is to move forward with what we have in hand to date, for delivery to the hut next spring. Stroker to follow up with Beth as well as Sally Dinsmore, who coordinates production for our Hut Croo Photo Project.


Greenleaf Croo Photos. No report.


Website (Nathaniel Blauss, Tom Kelleher, Stroker). Nathaniel reviewed recent Y-OH suggestions for improving the website, including more attractive design; easier navigation; mobile device compatibility; easier interface with croo database; ability to easily post events, photos, etc. John Thompson to provide Stroker with name of website designer who may be able to assist webmaster Tom Kelleher. A budget of $5K was approved to facilitate upgrades.


Resuscitator (Beth Weick). Fall publication date has been moved from 10/1 to 10/15, pending approval by Richard Stetson and Bridget Qualey, who organize Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest typically relies on word-of-moth and website listings on the website and Facebook, but Beth to check with the principals to ensure the new publication date doesn’t compromise promotional efforts.


Trails Report (Bill Barrett, John Thompson, Elizabeth Seabury). No new trail report. Future events should solicit help from Y-OH and current croo as a way to introduce generations to each other and encourage more active stewardship of the Hutman’s Trail and Hall’s Ledge.


New & Other Bidness. Various Trail Crew alum have suggested that the next Fallfest be a joint OH/TFC reunion, featuring Bob Proudman, who joined the AMC TFC in 1965, authored the AMC’s first guide to trail building and maintenance, and served the Appalachian Trail Conservancy as a department head for many years. The Committee approved Bob as speaker; Stroker to make arrangements.

OHA Scholarship Fund for current hut croo? Nathaniel to explore the idea further with James Wrigley. What would such a program seek to accomplish? How would it be administered? How would the program be funded?


Date for Next Steering Committee Meeting: TBD. Stroker to select an accessible venue in Boston for next meeting, with help from Nat Balch, Nathaniel Blauss, and others.





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Minutes for OH Steering Committee Meeting, 9/20/16

Minutes for

OH Steering Committee Meeting,

Sept. 20, 2016


Present: Nat Balch, Bill Barrett, Nathaniel Blauss, Tom Kelleher, Jess Marion, Moose Meserve, Stroker, Rogovin, Elizabeth Seabury, Doug Shaffer, John Thompson.


  • Treasurer’s Report (Moose)

No significant change in the numbers since June. Dues payments are down slightly for the year-to-date.

Pending expenses include 2017 road work at the cabin, and invoicing for last summer’s hut video project (probably to be submitted later this year). Cash balance is healthy enough to carry anticipated short-term expenses.


2)         Cabin (Stroker)

No progress to report on the collection and placement of “next generation” OH photos on Cabin walls, other than that Eric Gotthold and John Thompson are coordinating the project and hope to have photos up soon.

Signage inside cabin still needs to be updated and simplified for more effective communication with guests. Ari Ofsevit to make recommendations.

Road repairs have been pushed back to spring 2017; wood is in good supply.

Water quality at the cabin has dropped due to the current drought, raising the immediate question of safety (and whether we should encourage people to bring their own), and the longer-term question of whether we should research options for wells. Stroker to contact caretaker Mike Waddell for his input.


  • OH Hut Ambassador Program Report (Stroker for Josh Alper)

At least four huts received visits this summer from OH enjoying free overnights offered by the AMC hut system as part of our Ambassador porgram. In exchange for their stay, OH are asked to introduce themselves, be helpful, and get to know the croo and give the croo a sense of the OHA. This is a great deal and bears promoting among OH.

In addition to the OH Ambassador program, OH can also visit the huts as fill-in croo and as AMC info volunteers and hut naturalists. An AMC staffer will be speaking more about these opportunities at Fallfest.

  • Nominations for 2017 Officers (Stroker)

President; Stroker Rogovin

Treasurer: Moose Meserve

Secretary/Webmaster: Tom Kelleher

Resuscitator Editor: Beth Weick

Assistant Editor: Will Murray

Members-at-Large (confirmed): Elizabeth Seabury, James Wrigley, Ari Ofsevit, Nathaniel Blauss.

Members-at-Large (awaiting notification of acceptance): Betsy Cook, Abby King, Sarah Balch.

Members-at-Large (alternate): Josh Alper.

Toddler-at-Large (unofficial portfolio established by the Committee): Evie Wrigley.


5)         Fallfest, 11/5 (Stroker for Doug Hotchkiss & Shledon Perry)

            Featured speaker will be Grace Pezella, presenting her undergraduate research on the history of women in the hut system. Chuck Kellogg is slated to receive a posthumous OH Honorary Member award, to be presented by Doug Hotchkiss, Roger Foster, Andy Cook and daughter Betsy. Doug Hotchkiss and Josh Alper have designed a beautiful plaque, with help from Sally Dinsmore. Bridget Stetson will receive the OH Special Member award in recognition of her many years of helping to manage Oktoberfest and the Spring Reunion. Dick Low to present. The Kellogg family (8 – 10 members) will be receiving complimentary dinners at a reduced rate negotiated by Doug Hotchkiss.

We’ll also have a silent auction of historic Greenleaf croo photos, organized by Bill Barrett, to run during Happy Hour. Bill to publicize in the Resuscitator, website, FB, and through direct email. Dave Huntley reports progress on editing footage of the hut anniversary video footage shot last summer at the Lakes 100th and Mizpah 50th. Premier screening of his efforts to run concurrent with Happy Hour. Video trailers shold be completed soon for posting on FB and the website. Stroker to ask Dave if he could use help from Lincoln Benedict in editing some shorts. An acoustic music jam will also run concurrent to Happy Hour. AMC Volunteer Coordinator Kyra Salancy will describe volunteer opportunities for OH in the huts. Before Happy Hour we’ll be featuring a geological tour of Franconia Notch with Brian Fowler, (meet at the Highland center at 12 noon). Ari Ofsevit will be hosting the first ever Hutman’s Hustle, a 10K trail race starting from the Cabin at 12 noon. Should be quite a day and evening!! Make your resis now as this will sell out, as it has for the past few years. Info on the website.


6)         Oktoberfest 10/8 – 9

Richard Stetson and Bridget Qualey report that everything is ready to roll for Oktoberfest, the annual weekend of feasting and prepping the cabin for winter. Light work, good company, great food! RSVP to Richard Stetson; details on the website.   Event will be publicized in the Resucitator, on the website and FB page, and through a direct email to all members.


7)         Website (Tom Kelleher, Stroker)

            OH Caty Enders has introduced an easy-to-use directory for OH through the OHA Facebook page. In addition to basic info, it also allows members to list interests, whether they’d like to host visiting OH, and other useful info. The Google spreadsheet format is secure and info will not be shared with non-OH, same as info in the croo database on the OH website proper. Stroker discussed with Caty the need to properly vet anyone applying to join the directory—much the same way we screen for FB page membership and website data base. To avoid any possible confusion—and inform OH of all options at their disposal—it was agreed that notices will be posted on both Caty’s directory and the OH website directory alerting OH to the existence of both resources.

Tom Kelleher noted that the Achille’s heel of many on-line initiatives is that someone has to ultimately stick around to administer them. For the time being, Caty seems committed to managing her directory.

Longer-term, The Steering Committee delegated Nathaniel Blauss to ask Caty, Ari Ofsevit, and “Dominic” Kaplan to exchange ideas about what a perfect OH directory would look like; what needs would it address and how would it meet them? Who would implement and administer? Both the “official” OHA database and Caty’s directory perform useful functions and help OH to connect, but is there a way to streamline and improve? Nathaniel to report back.


8)         Hut Report (Stroker for James Wrigley)

James Wrigley reports via email that the summer season went well, with occupancy in the huts closely mirroring last year. Croo transitioning from summer to fall service ebnjoyed a few days off in between, with fill-in croos covering (including many OH). Fall croos started off well, with things already slowing down. Lakes closed on 9/17, and Carter transitioned to self-service. Madison closed this week.


9)         Membership Development (Elizabeth Seabury, Nat Balch)

            The OH Family Day picnic at Pawtuckaway Park, in NH, was very poorly attended, suggesting that late-August just isn’t a good time for family oriented events given back-to-school pressures. Nat and Elizabeth will be exploring other possible events and scheduling oriented towards OH with young families, and Elizabeth will be making a short presentation at Fallfest to let OH know we’re exploring this concept and welcome input.


10)        Lonesome Croo Photo Project (Stroker for Beth Eisenhower)

            Beth has managed to assemble photos from 11 Lonesome croos, from an original collection of exactly zero, but we’re still missing many years. We have croo photos for the following years: 1971,1974, 1980, 1983, 1999, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2009, 2014, 2015. We need ALL OTHER YEARS, and all fall croos. Beth has collected $200 towards the Lonesome Hut Croo Photo Project, but we need more. Special button is on the website for easy giving online. Lonesome is the last hut on our list before we start updating existing collections. Anyone who worked at Lonesome or is in touch with Lonesome croos, please put out the word. Get those photos and donations in now. Sally Dinsmore goes to press with whatever we have in hand in a few months.


11)        Greenleaf Croo Photos

            Someone dropped the ball on this. Replacement croo photos never got processed and delivered to the hut last spring, so Flea is currently without a display. Sally has everything archived digitally, so she’ll be creating a new display for delivery this spring. Greenleaf croo are encouraged to donate to support this project, a refurbishment of photos that originally went in over well 10 years ago. Donations are accepted through the website. Current reproduction techniques will ensure this updated collection will last longer.


12)        Resuscitator (Stroker for Beth Weick)

            Copy deadline was 9/15. Fall edition should be out by 10/1, with publicity for Fallfest and Oktoberfest. Gormings always welcome.


13)        Trails Report (Bill Barrett, John Thompson, Elizabeth Seabury)

            Bill, J.T. and Elizabeth, along with Elizabeth’s son and Husband Tom, met on 7/1 to patrol the Hutman’s Trail. Bill patrolled Hall’s Ledge the following day.


14)        New & Other Bidness

            2017 Joe Dodge Award nominee is Willy Ashbrook, nominated last year as well. Bill Barrett and Beythany “Benny” Taylor to serve as OH reps on the Award Committee, slated to convene later this fall. Elizabeth Seabury drafted the nominating text last year and will forward to Bill Barrett for reworking, possibly with help from Josh Alper and Doug Hotchkiss.


15)        Date for Next Steering Committee Meeting: Dec. 13, Portsmouth, NH. Exact location TBD by Nat Balch and John Thompson.







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Minutes for OH Steering Committee Meeting, 6/14/16

Minutes for

OH Steering Committee Meeting,

June 14, 2016


Present: Bill Barrett, Dick Low, Moose Meserve, Stroker Rogovin, Elizabeth Seabury, Doug Shaffer, John Thompson.

 1)       Treasurer’s Report (Moose Meserve)

Five months into 2016 and we’re ahead of budget for the year. No donations yet to speak of for the Lonesome hut croo photo project. Dues and other donations are strong to date. All bills still not submitted for last year’s Hut Anniversary video shoot, which should offset some income. Overall, OHA is financially healthy.


2)         Cabin (Stroker)

Assistant Huts Manager Eric Gotthold was tasked in November, 2015, with helping Y-OH to locate photos of younger OH leaders and hang them in the Cabin. This work should be completed by the end of the summer. Doug Hotchkiss will produce photos of Jim Hamilton and Bob Temple and hang them after Y-OH photos go up.

Other means of reviewing photos at the Cabin were also discussed, including photo albums and providing an electronic device (e.g., iPad, etc.) that could display digital images. Committee voted to limit our current display options to framed photos on walls.

Ari Ofsevit to make recommendations for improving signage at the Cabin once he’s back from summer exploits in Chicago.


3)         Gala Report (Stroker)

Betsy Cook and Toben Traver represented the OHA at this year’s Gala, introducing another incoming class of croo to the organization and what we offer. Their presentation was well received.


4)         Spring Reunion Report (John Thompson & Moose Meserve)

This year’s event attracted 35 – 40 participants, including many Trail Crew alumni, but no Y-OH.   Favorable weather with few black flies. Bridget Stetson and John Lamanna served up the usual spectacular fare for lunch and dinner.

Doug Hotchkiss presided over a Steering Committee meeting which was largely intended to provide an update on OHA business and projects to members who don’t or can’t attend regular meetings. The minutes as submitted indicated a Treasurer’s report and a report from Ken Olson on the status of his efforts to establish an OHA archives, but little else.

The Committee discussed the suggestion to eliminate lunch at future spring reunions to reduce workload for the folks preparing the food. It was agreed that those doing the work should weigh in with their advice here. The Committee’s preference was to keep lunch and dinner, but simplify lunch to reduce work, possibly by returning to the earlier format of cold cut plates, salads, chips, etc. Stroker will contact Richard and Bridget Stetson to get their input.


5)         Fallfest, 11/5 (Stroker)

Grace Pezella (Lakes HM, Fall 2015) has agreed to be this year’s featured speaker and will present her research on the history of women in the huts.

Doug Hotchkiss will present the family of Charlie Kellogg with his posthumous OH Honorary award.

Bridget Stetson was nominated and voted to receive the OH Special Member award for her tireless support of Spring reunion, Oktoberfest, and general efforts to maintain the cabin and cabin-related events. Mike Waddell will present the award.

Bill Barrett will be posting Greenleaf photos for auction on our website, with notice also posted on the OHA Facebook page. Photos will be distributed to highest bidders at Fallfest.

Dave Huntley is still editing video footage of last summer’s hut anniversary celebrations at Mizpah and Lakes, which will be ready for viewing at Fallfest.

An acoustic music jam also looks to be in the works, to run concurrently with Happy Hour.

Cost of dinner is $37 a plate. Stroker to work with James Wrigley to try to arrange a way to keep the cost to $20 a plate for OH 25 and younger, through a Hut System subsidy, OH subsidy, or both.

AMC Reservations are open for anyone wishing to reserve a room at the Highland Center or a seat at table. Use group #311873. (207) 466-2727. Deadline is 10/1. Do it now. This will sell out. Don’t say we didn’t tell you. Call now.

6)         Hut System Update (Stroker for James Wrigley)

New bunks went into Mizpah this winter and spring. Improvements to the croo room are also reported, including more room, fire egress, and a nice view out a new dormer window. Huts officially opened for biz 6/2.


7)         OH Hut Ambassador Program (Stroker for Josh)

Four huts still available for visits this summer (Lakes, Zealand, Mizpah, and Galehead). Sign up with Josh now for a free night at a hut for you and a guest. One of the best deals the OHA offers our members, courtesy of the AMC. And all you have to do is show up, help the croo as needed, learn about their hut experiences, share your own, and introduce them to the OHA.

Stroker just returned from Lonesome and reported that while the weather was horrible, the croo were friendly, the hut looked great, and the food was fantastic (gotta love that Senegalese soup).


8)         Lonesome Croo Photo Project (Stroker for Beth Eisenhower)

With help from OHA Secretary Tom Kelleher, Beth obtained contact info for past Lonesome croo and sent out a call for croo photos and donations.


9)         Resuscitator (Stroker for Beth Weick)

Spring issue was published 5/1 and submissions for the fall issue are trickling in.


10)       Membership Development (Liz Seabury)

     The OHA is sponsoring a family afternoon at Pawtuckaway Park, NH (just east of Manchester), 8/27, 12 – 4 PM.   Afternoon will include picnicking, games and activities for kids, and possibly live music. Lakefront, covered pavilion, ice cream vendor on site. What’s not to like? More info will be posted on the OHA website and FB page.


11)       Website (Tom Kelleher)

No report.


12)       New & Other Bidness

     Oktoberfest is 10/8 – 9.

Stroker just visited an exhibit at Plymouth State University, Plymouth, NH, on the role of women in the Whites. Taking the Lead: Women in the White Mountains, runs through 10/7, and was put together with help from many OH, including Catherine Amidon, Peggles Dillon, Becky Fullerton, Grace Pezella, and others.

Ari Ofsevit will be managing a trail race the same day of Fallfest. The Hutmen’s Hustle, 11/5 , 12 PM, will feature a race following the Hutmen’s trail. Notice and signup can be found on the OHA FB page under Events. Racers and anyone interested in acting as support staff please contact Ari.

Fill-in croos are still needed to cover Cater, Lonesome, and Mizpah during Madfest. Contact Huts Manager James Wrigley.

No trail work performed yet this year, but Bill Barrett, Liz Seabury, and John Thompson will be sweeping the Hutmen’s Trail on 7/1 and would welcome any help. Meet at the Cabin at 7 AM.


13)       Date for Next Steering Committee Meeting: Sept. 20. Doug Shaffer to suggest a venue north of Boston (possibly Malden?).







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Acadia National Park: A Centennial Celebration

W. Kent Olson is a co-author of a new book. Full details here.

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Maine Huts & Trails

I wanted to make all of you aware of the fact that Maine Huts & Trails is looking for a new Executive Director.   I am deeply involved in Maine Huts & Trails as a Board member and we are looking for an outstanding leader who will lead trans-formative growth and regional impact.  Please take a look at the job requirements on our web site at this link:  http://www.mainehuts.org/inside/work-us#long.  This is a rare opportunity in outdoor recreation, and the next MH&T leader will be well positioned to impact recreation, conservation, and economic opportunity for the Western Mountains region of Maine for years to come.

Paul Boghossian


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Minutes for OH Steering Committee Meeting, 4/26/16

Minutes for

OH Steering Committee Meeting,

April 26, 2016


Present: Josh Alper, Nat Balch, Bill Barrett, Doug Hotchkiss, Ari Ofsevit, Stroker Rogovin, Elizabeth Seabury, James Wrigley.

 1)       Treasurer’s Report (Stroker for Moose)

Money is tracking similar to prior years. Insurance for the year has been paid, along with a few years-worth of website fees.


2)         Cabin (Ari Ofsevit & Stroker)

     At the last meeting, the Steering Committee approved issuing annual family passes for cabin use, at $150, to compliment the individual passes approved earlier ($75). Passes are good for one calendar year.

Cabin road will receive some attention this year, specifically the creation of a parking space at the top of the road near the bridge. Caretaker Mike Waddell is coordinating the work.

With help from Eric Gotthold, young OH have been encouraged to submit photos of notable OH for hanging in the cabin. John Thompson to assist, as needed.

Cabin signage is in need of improvement. Ari Ofsevit agreed to make recommendations regarding standardizing cabin rules and info at the PNC front desk, on our website, on the Cabin key fob, and on signage at the Cabin itself.   Info should be updated so it’s consistent, clear, and concise.   “Long form” info can stay over the wood bin (updated), but other postings should be limited to the few locations mentioned above, on the theory that the greater the number of signs, the less people will read them, and the less information actually gets communicated.


3)         Gala (Stroker for Beth Weick)

Toben Traver and Betsy Cook will represent the OHA on 5/25. Beth Weick will help them update the annual letter we distribute introducing incoming croo to the OHA.


4)         Spring Reunion, 5/14 (Stroker)

Due to a death in the family, John Thompson is unable to assist with reunion planning and management. Doug Hotchkiss to contact Mike Waddell, Richard Stetson, and John Lamanna to discuss logistics.

A Steering Committee meeting will convene at the Cabin at 11 AM for our northcountry members who can’t always make it to Portland, Portsmouth, Boston or other locations.   Doug Hotchkiss will preside.


5)         Fallfest, 11/5 (Doug H. & Stroker)

Current croo member Grace Pezella will be this year’s featured speaker, presenting her undergraduate research on the history of women in the huts. We’ll be looking to Grace and other Y-OH and current croo to help spread the word about this fantastic program!

Recently deceased OH Charlie Kellogg will receive a posthumous OH Honorary Award, to be presented by Doug Hotchkiss, with help from Andy Cook, Josh Alper, Roger Foster, and Al Koop. Charlie’s family has been invited to attend as guests of the OHA.

Bill Barrett has agreed to oversee a silent auction of Greenleaf croo photos, featuring croos from the 30s into the 90s. We discussed the possibility of hosting an auction on the OHA website, but the software didn’t seem practical. Bill will be posting photos on the website with help from webmaster Tom Kelleher, and solicit bids leading up to, and including Fallfest, where top bidders will be awarded their purchases.

Video footage of last summer’s milestone hut anniversaries (Mizpah 50th and Lakes 100th) is being edited by David Huntley and will be available for viewing at Fallfest.


6)         Hut System Update (James Wrigley)

Mizpah is currently undergoing renovation, with a dormer added on the roof to accommodate a relocated, larger croo room. New space will be above some guest space, but CC is installing soundproofing. (Guess we’ll see about that!) Downstairs bunkrooms are being refurbished with LED Lighting and more headroom for every bunk.

Greenleaf will enjoy a 7th croo member this year, and Lakes croo will now number 11, making the hut experience more enjoyable for croo and public alike. Increased OTC sales are expected to cover the cost of these additional positions, making them revenue neutral.

Whitney Brown (Assistant Hutmaster at Madison for summer 2015 and Hutmaster for fall) has been hired as a field assistant for summer and fall 2016 to assist James Wrigley and Eric Gotthold

The plan to add a “9th hut” in Crawford Notch is currently “in stasis,” with NH Fish and Game and the USFS officially opposing the proposal. Stay tuned.


7)         OH Hut Ambassador Program (Josh)

So far, we have four takers for next summer, covering Lonesome, Greenleaf, Carter, and Madison. The OH Hut Ambassador program entitles each participant and a guest to a free night in a hut in exchange for socializing with the croo, introducing them to the OHA, and generally making yourself useful. One of the best deals we offer our membership. Sign up soon! Contact OH Josh Alper or Huts Manager James Wrigley.


8)         Lonesome Croo Photo Project (Stroker for Beth Eisenhower)

Stroker to check with Beth Eisenhower to see if she has Lonesome croo rosters for outreach to collect photos and donations.


9)         Resuscitator (Stroker for Beth Weick)

     While Will Murray is fulfilling some academic requirements, Caroline Santinelli will be helping Beth with gormings and copy editing.   The Spring Resuscitator should be ready for publication 5/1.


10)       OH Family Picnic (Elizabeth Seabury and Nat Balch)

In response to the Steering Committee’s search for family- and kid-friendly events, Liz and Nat narrowed a long list of good options down to two recommendations: a picnic at Pawtuckaway Park, NH, or a similar event at Drumlin Farm, Lincoln, MA. Pawtuckaway won the vote, for its waterfront activities, handy location, and all-round fun factor. Parents will be encouraged to monitor younger children when near the water. Event is scheduled for 12 noon, August 27th (rain date the following day). Picnic will be pot-luck, so bring something yummy to share. Organizers may offer a scavenger hunt for the kids, but otherwise the emphasis will be on keeping things simple and fun—a good opportunity to catch up with other OH in a relaxing, outdoor setting suitable for children and families (others welcome too!)


11)       Website (Tom Kelleher)

No report.


12)       New & Other Bidness

     Oktoberfest will be held 10/8 – 9.

Ari Ofsevit suggested sponsoring a trail running event the morning of 11/5, to coincide with Fallfest later that day. The Huts Hustle will be a 10K trail run up the Halls Ledge Trail and down the Hutman’s Trail to the Cabin. Hot chili will be provided following the race. Members of the RMC and Trail Crew will also be invited, and Ari estimates the race might draw 10 – 20 participants. No fee. Older OH have offered to provide logistical support.


13)       Date for Next Steering Committee Meeting: June 14th, venue TBD.




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