Minutes for OH Steering Committee Meeting, 2/22/17

Minutes for OHA Steering Committee Meeting, Feb. 22, 2017


Present: Josh Alper, Moose Meserve, Ari Ofsevit, Doug Shaffer, Stroker Rogovin, James Wrigley.

 1)          Treasurer’s Report (Moose).

2017 income has been strong to date, with minimal expense. Major expenses to come include road repairs at the Cabin, hut croo photo project for Lonesome Lake, and website development.


2)         Cabin (Stroker)

Huts Field Supervisor, Eric Gotthold, continues to oversee the addition of recent OH photos to the collection now on the Cabin walls. John Thompson is assisting. Ari Ofsevit will review signage at the Cabin and recommend improvements geared towards simplifying and consolidating our messaging.


3)         Event Planning (Moose, Stroker)

Spring Reunion, 5/20: Mike Waddell has stepped down as organizer so we’re looking for someone to manage this event. Moose to solicit input from Richard Stetson, Bridget Qualey, Dick Low, and other regular participants.


Gala: Beth Weick is compiling a list of younger OH who can represent the OHA at this hut system orientation and possibly at End-of-Summer and End-of-Fall parties. List includes Phoebe Howe, Jeff Colt, Ben Leoni, Lorne Currier. James Wrigley will suggest more candidates.


Fallfest, 11/4: featured speaker will be Bob Proudman, joined by other Trail Crew alum, who will speak about Trail Crew history. All TC alum are invited, and TC is welcome to hold their annual reunion alongside the OHA’s if they’re so inclined. Fallfest to feature an OHA focus group, as in recent years; live music jam; geology walk led by Brian Fowler; report on summer 2017 by current croo; possible volunteer project in the AM, followed by lunch at the Cabin; brief presentation by an AMC staffer on summer hut volunteer opportunities; plus plenty of other fun stuff.


4)         Membership Development (Moose, Stroker)

Moose Meserve had a productive meeting with James Wrigley and Eric Gotthold in which they explored how the AMC and OHA can support each other, and how the OHA can continue to expand our outreach to younger members, and recent and current croo. Some of the ideas discussed:

> Encourage OH to host events & post photos on the OHA website and FB page.

> July 15th is hereby declared OHA Mountain Day. Climb a mountain, take a photo, share it.

> Expand our social media presence. Snapchat, Instagram, other? Someone willing to lead this?

> Reduce cost of family cabin pass to $100. (Committee approved this measure.)

> Provide incoming croos with custom OHA tees, decals, water bottles, introduction letters (w/ events, cabin info, membership benefits)

> Keep exploring ideas for family-oriented events, but closer to Boston.

> Promote hut volunteer opportunities: Hut Ambassador, fill-in, AMC info and Naturalists.

> Sponsor community volunteer opportunities (possibly one during Fallfest).

> Produce more videos of social events, “croo experience”/fun, oral histories, etc.


5)         Lonesome Croo Photo Project (Stroker)

Beth Eisenhower has been spearheading the collection of missing photos and donations and will make one last push before sending materials to Sally Dinsmore for final production.


6)         Greenleaf Croo Photos (Stroker)

James Wrigley has a few historic Greenleaf photos that were left behind at Fallfest. Stroker to contact Bill Barrett about final disposition.


7)         Website (Stroker)

Stroker spoke with Joe Davis, a web marketer referred by John Thompson. He also sought the advice of web designer Dan Racowsky. Both sources recommended converting the current website to a WordPress format. Many major corporations and non-profits are using WordPress templates now that they have improved. WordPress is relatively inexpensive, the format is easy for multiple parties to use, and readily customizable, with plug-ins that should meet our needs. Committee agreed to hire a web developer to maximize functionality & help with migrating content. Dan Racowsky has experience with manually migratging wesbites (one of his projects, Scrum.org, has 25K members). Cost of this project should be around $5K and take 2 months. A subcommittee will assist, as needed: Ari Ofsevit, Beth Weick, Nathaniel Blauss, Taylor Burt, Stroker.


8)         Resuscitator Update



9)         Trails Report (Bill Barrett, John Thompson)



10)        Huts Report (James Wrigley)

James and staff recently completed 70 interviews for new croo. This year’s big project is the Lake’s septic

system. That’s big.


11)        New & Other Bidness

Stroker recently ran into master painters Erik Koeppel and Laura Sansaricq, now residents of Jackson, NH, who paint exquisite White Mountain landscapes in the style of the Hudson River School. Check out their stuff online. Mind-blowingly beautiful.

AMC Joe Dodge Award winner for 2017: our own Willy Ashbrook. Thanks to Elizabeth Seabury, Bill Barrett, and Benny Taylor for advancing his nomination. Well deserved!


11)        Date for Next Steering Committee Meeting: April 25, Portland, ME.




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