Minutes for OH Steering Committee Meeting, 9/20/16

Minutes for

OH Steering Committee Meeting,

Sept. 20, 2016


Present: Nat Balch, Bill Barrett, Nathaniel Blauss, Tom Kelleher, Jess Marion, Moose Meserve, Stroker, Rogovin, Elizabeth Seabury, Doug Shaffer, John Thompson.


  • Treasurer’s Report (Moose)

No significant change in the numbers since June. Dues payments are down slightly for the year-to-date.

Pending expenses include 2017 road work at the cabin, and invoicing for last summer’s hut video project (probably to be submitted later this year). Cash balance is healthy enough to carry anticipated short-term expenses.


2)         Cabin (Stroker)

No progress to report on the collection and placement of “next generation” OH photos on Cabin walls, other than that Eric Gotthold and John Thompson are coordinating the project and hope to have photos up soon.

Signage inside cabin still needs to be updated and simplified for more effective communication with guests. Ari Ofsevit to make recommendations.

Road repairs have been pushed back to spring 2017; wood is in good supply.

Water quality at the cabin has dropped due to the current drought, raising the immediate question of safety (and whether we should encourage people to bring their own), and the longer-term question of whether we should research options for wells. Stroker to contact caretaker Mike Waddell for his input.


  • OH Hut Ambassador Program Report (Stroker for Josh Alper)

At least four huts received visits this summer from OH enjoying free overnights offered by the AMC hut system as part of our Ambassador porgram. In exchange for their stay, OH are asked to introduce themselves, be helpful, and get to know the croo and give the croo a sense of the OHA. This is a great deal and bears promoting among OH.

In addition to the OH Ambassador program, OH can also visit the huts as fill-in croo and as AMC info volunteers and hut naturalists. An AMC staffer will be speaking more about these opportunities at Fallfest.

  • Nominations for 2017 Officers (Stroker)

President; Stroker Rogovin

Treasurer: Moose Meserve

Secretary/Webmaster: Tom Kelleher

Resuscitator Editor: Beth Weick

Assistant Editor: Will Murray

Members-at-Large (confirmed): Elizabeth Seabury, James Wrigley, Ari Ofsevit, Nathaniel Blauss.

Members-at-Large (awaiting notification of acceptance): Betsy Cook, Abby King, Sarah Balch.

Members-at-Large (alternate): Josh Alper.

Toddler-at-Large (unofficial portfolio established by the Committee): Evie Wrigley.


5)         Fallfest, 11/5 (Stroker for Doug Hotchkiss & Shledon Perry)

            Featured speaker will be Grace Pezella, presenting her undergraduate research on the history of women in the hut system. Chuck Kellogg is slated to receive a posthumous OH Honorary Member award, to be presented by Doug Hotchkiss, Roger Foster, Andy Cook and daughter Betsy. Doug Hotchkiss and Josh Alper have designed a beautiful plaque, with help from Sally Dinsmore. Bridget Stetson will receive the OH Special Member award in recognition of her many years of helping to manage Oktoberfest and the Spring Reunion. Dick Low to present. The Kellogg family (8 – 10 members) will be receiving complimentary dinners at a reduced rate negotiated by Doug Hotchkiss.

We’ll also have a silent auction of historic Greenleaf croo photos, organized by Bill Barrett, to run during Happy Hour. Bill to publicize in the Resuscitator, website, FB, and through direct email. Dave Huntley reports progress on editing footage of the hut anniversary video footage shot last summer at the Lakes 100th and Mizpah 50th. Premier screening of his efforts to run concurrent with Happy Hour. Video trailers shold be completed soon for posting on FB and the website. Stroker to ask Dave if he could use help from Lincoln Benedict in editing some shorts. An acoustic music jam will also run concurrent to Happy Hour. AMC Volunteer Coordinator Kyra Salancy will describe volunteer opportunities for OH in the huts. Before Happy Hour we’ll be featuring a geological tour of Franconia Notch with Brian Fowler, (meet at the Highland center at 12 noon). Ari Ofsevit will be hosting the first ever Hutman’s Hustle, a 10K trail race starting from the Cabin at 12 noon. Should be quite a day and evening!! Make your resis now as this will sell out, as it has for the past few years. Info on the website.


6)         Oktoberfest 10/8 – 9

Richard Stetson and Bridget Qualey report that everything is ready to roll for Oktoberfest, the annual weekend of feasting and prepping the cabin for winter. Light work, good company, great food! RSVP to Richard Stetson; details on the website.   Event will be publicized in the Resucitator, on the website and FB page, and through a direct email to all members.


7)         Website (Tom Kelleher, Stroker)

            OH Caty Enders has introduced an easy-to-use directory for OH through the OHA Facebook page. In addition to basic info, it also allows members to list interests, whether they’d like to host visiting OH, and other useful info. The Google spreadsheet format is secure and info will not be shared with non-OH, same as info in the croo database on the OH website proper. Stroker discussed with Caty the need to properly vet anyone applying to join the directory—much the same way we screen for FB page membership and website data base. To avoid any possible confusion—and inform OH of all options at their disposal—it was agreed that notices will be posted on both Caty’s directory and the OH website directory alerting OH to the existence of both resources.

Tom Kelleher noted that the Achille’s heel of many on-line initiatives is that someone has to ultimately stick around to administer them. For the time being, Caty seems committed to managing her directory.

Longer-term, The Steering Committee delegated Nathaniel Blauss to ask Caty, Ari Ofsevit, and “Dominic” Kaplan to exchange ideas about what a perfect OH directory would look like; what needs would it address and how would it meet them? Who would implement and administer? Both the “official” OHA database and Caty’s directory perform useful functions and help OH to connect, but is there a way to streamline and improve? Nathaniel to report back.


8)         Hut Report (Stroker for James Wrigley)

James Wrigley reports via email that the summer season went well, with occupancy in the huts closely mirroring last year. Croo transitioning from summer to fall service ebnjoyed a few days off in between, with fill-in croos covering (including many OH). Fall croos started off well, with things already slowing down. Lakes closed on 9/17, and Carter transitioned to self-service. Madison closed this week.


9)         Membership Development (Elizabeth Seabury, Nat Balch)

            The OH Family Day picnic at Pawtuckaway Park, in NH, was very poorly attended, suggesting that late-August just isn’t a good time for family oriented events given back-to-school pressures. Nat and Elizabeth will be exploring other possible events and scheduling oriented towards OH with young families, and Elizabeth will be making a short presentation at Fallfest to let OH know we’re exploring this concept and welcome input.


10)        Lonesome Croo Photo Project (Stroker for Beth Eisenhower)

            Beth has managed to assemble photos from 11 Lonesome croos, from an original collection of exactly zero, but we’re still missing many years. We have croo photos for the following years: 1971,1974, 1980, 1983, 1999, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2009, 2014, 2015. We need ALL OTHER YEARS, and all fall croos. Beth has collected $200 towards the Lonesome Hut Croo Photo Project, but we need more. Special button is on the website for easy giving online. Lonesome is the last hut on our list before we start updating existing collections. Anyone who worked at Lonesome or is in touch with Lonesome croos, please put out the word. Get those photos and donations in now. Sally Dinsmore goes to press with whatever we have in hand in a few months.


11)        Greenleaf Croo Photos

            Someone dropped the ball on this. Replacement croo photos never got processed and delivered to the hut last spring, so Flea is currently without a display. Sally has everything archived digitally, so she’ll be creating a new display for delivery this spring. Greenleaf croo are encouraged to donate to support this project, a refurbishment of photos that originally went in over well 10 years ago. Donations are accepted through the website. Current reproduction techniques will ensure this updated collection will last longer.


12)        Resuscitator (Stroker for Beth Weick)

            Copy deadline was 9/15. Fall edition should be out by 10/1, with publicity for Fallfest and Oktoberfest. Gormings always welcome.


13)        Trails Report (Bill Barrett, John Thompson, Elizabeth Seabury)

            Bill, J.T. and Elizabeth, along with Elizabeth’s son and Husband Tom, met on 7/1 to patrol the Hutman’s Trail. Bill patrolled Hall’s Ledge the following day.


14)        New & Other Bidness

            2017 Joe Dodge Award nominee is Willy Ashbrook, nominated last year as well. Bill Barrett and Beythany “Benny” Taylor to serve as OH reps on the Award Committee, slated to convene later this fall. Elizabeth Seabury drafted the nominating text last year and will forward to Bill Barrett for reworking, possibly with help from Josh Alper and Doug Hotchkiss.


15)        Date for Next Steering Committee Meeting: Dec. 13, Portsmouth, NH. Exact location TBD by Nat Balch and John Thompson.







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