Charlie Kellogg update

Dear All,

We’ve had a busy few days at MGH with Charlie, and feel he is in good hands and receiving good care.  We were informed by the doctors today that they have found a tumor that is difficult to define but that they believe is a malignant sarcoma.  A few more days are required for the pathology department to complete their lab tests, and at that time we will be able to begin to formulate a treatment plan.  Due to the difficult nature of the tumor, and its proximity to nerves, spinal cord and arteries (in the brachial plexus), our best guess it that surgery will not be one of the options.  It is likely that some form  of radiation may be prescribed.

The good news is that treatment of the tumor could potentially give him some relief from the terrible nerve pain that he has been suffering.  A secondary problem of low sodium has been addressed and hopefully will, in the next few days, begin to bring his “neuro status” back to normal and he will be more oriented.

We will know more in the coming days and plan to set up a Caring Bridge site if you would like more information.  I appreciate all your love and concern for both of us but please understand if I do not get back to you via e-mail right away, we are very busy trying to arrange the best care we can.



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1 Response to Charlie Kellogg update

  1. Mike Dudley says:

    Hi Chuck & Gillian,
    So sorry to hear of this development, my thoughts and prayers for you both as you and your physicians address eliminating the tumor.
    No need to reply, will follow your updates.

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