Minutes for OH Steering Committee Meeting 4/25/17

Minutes for OH Steering Committee Meeting, April 25, 2017, Portland, Maine 

Present: Haley Acker, Nat Balch, Nathaniel Blauss, Jed Davis, Steve Frens, Eric Gotthold (Huts Field Supervisor), John Gross, Eric Larson, Jess Marrion, Ben McCrave, Elizabeth Seabury, Linus Story, John Thompson, Stroker Rogovin, Beth Weick, Gerry Whiting, Craig Whitton (Chair, Trail Crew Association).


  • Treasurer’s Report (Stroker for Moose)

Treasury is in good shape. Dues are a bit slow. “Pemi” Bob Prescott’s cousins donating $3K in his honor to go toward path improvements at the Cabin. Cabin roadwork to commence this summer, costing approximately $4.5K.


2)         Cabin (Stroker)

Y-OH photos going up on cabin walls, as discussed and invited by the Steering Committee. Cabin photos should reflect and celebrate all members. Cabin signage still in need of updating, simplifying, posting more clearly. Path and road improvements planned for the months ahead.   Upper path from access road to Cabin to be named the Pemi Bob Path, in memory of Bob Prescott. Stroker has made the sign.


3)         Event Planning (Stroker, Beth Weick)

Spring Reunion still scheduled for 5/20, but nobody stepping up to manage money, publicity, etc. Stroker to explore alternative options with Bridget Qualey and Richard Stetson, including BYO model.

OHA representatives at Gala this year are Phoebe Howe and Jeff Colt. Reps for fall Gala TBD. Croos to receive tees, decals, letters (w/ events, cabin rules, membership benefits).

Fallfest, 11/4. No joint reunion with TC as discussed earlier. Program to include Bob Proudman and others speaking on Trail Crew history; Y-OH meeting; live music; report from recent croo; and an AMC rep to plug hut volunteer opportunities.


4)         Membership Development (Beth, Nat Balch & Elizabeth Seabury, Stroker)

1) Encourage OH to host events & post photos on social media

2) Mountain Day photo sharing (take a summit selfie on 7/15 and post on OHA social media)

3) Other social media? Committee agreed to start an Instagram account.

4) Reduce cost of family cabin pass to $100.

5) Future Galas: tees, decals, letters introducing the OHA and benefits like the cabin. Other merch?

6) Hut volunteer opportunities: Hut Ambassador, fill-in, AMC info and Naturalists

7) Community volunteer opportunities: trail work, soup kitchen, etc? Morning of Fallfest?

8) Resuscitator leveraged to promote vol opportunities in the huts, carry stories and testimonials about hut visits, more articles by Y-OH, selfies on FB

9) Nat & Elizabeth: there may be demand for family-oriented events, but thses should be organized by someone with a young family and possibly held closer to Boston. Someone from the 90s?

10) Video project in the process of being handed over to Lincoln Benedict from Dave Huntley, who is limited by a move and new job. Videos to commemorate Lakes and Mizpah anniversaries, as well as show the current croo experience and fun. Doug Shaffer to help move project along.

11) Nathaniel Blauss to speak with James Wrigley, Hut System Manager, about the OHA sponsoring an internship in the huts, possibly in conjunction with AMC’s YOP program.

5)         Croo Photo Project (Stroker for Beth Eisenhower & Sally Dinsmore)

                 Lonesome and Greenleaf displays in production.


6)         Website (Stroker)

Dan Racowsky has been hired to develop a new website with help from current webmaster Tom Kelleher. New site to feature fresh design and improved functionality, esp. with croo data. New site will be based on WordPress templates, which allows customizable plug-ins and other ongoing upgrades with minimal cost and hassle. Migrating content may require help, particularly with croo data. OH Taylor Burt and Brian Post have expressed interest in lending a hand. Possibly others? Entire project should cost $5K and be ready in 2 – 3 months.


8)         Resuscitator Update (Beth)

Spring edition due out by April. Lots of content, much from Y-OH.


9)         Trails Report (Elizabeth Seabury, John Thompson, and Bill Barrett)

                 Work party to meet at Cabin on 6/29, 7:45 AM, to patrol Hutman’s Trail.


10)        New & Other Bidness

Check out the Hudson River School paintings of contemporary plein air painters Erik Koeppel and Lauren Sansaricq, of Jackson, NH.

Steering Committee voted unanimously (some in abstentia) for Beth Weick to serve as Vice Chair.

Whitney Brown is now a full-time, year-round field supervisor for the hut system.

Craig Whitton, Chairman of the Trail Crew Association, will send Trail Crew Reunion info (11/11) to webmaster and Resuscitator editor for inclusion in OHA communications.


11)        Date for Next Steering Committee Meeting: June 20, Boston, MA




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