Minutes for OH Steering Committee 2/17/15

Minutes for

OH Steering Committee Meeting,

Feb. 17, 2015, Portland, ME


Present: Nathaniel Blauss, Lindsay Bourgoine, Sarah Brocket, Jed Davis, Steve Frens, Abbie King, Ben Leoni, Ben Lewis, Stroker Rogovin, Linus Story, John Thompson, Bryan Wentzel, Gerry Whiting, Craig Whitton, James Wrigley.

 1)        Treasurer’s Report (Stroker for Moose). Income and expenses are about average for this time of year. The AMC Construction Crew under-billed us for cabin roof work last spring, which adds an additional $4340 to this year’s cabin repair expenses. Dues are coming in at a good rate, but many expenses are still outstanding.

2)         Cabin (Stroker). Snow plowing is now jointly paid for by both the OH and Harvard Cabin on a 20/80 basis. HC has kindly agreed to cover the cost of last season’s plowing, as they require the larger share of that work. All charges for plowing going forward may or may not be absorbed by HC, to be determined according to snowfall and final cost.

3)           Spring Reunion, May 30 (John Thompson). After much discussion at prior meetings and this one, the Committee decided to move the date forward two weekends to coincide with the weekend between Gala and the start of full-service staffing in the huts. Current croo will be boarding at the cabin then and would likely attend if the Reunion overlapped with their stay—a desirable outcome given all the talk about finding ways to draw younger participants to this event and to OH activities in general. James Wrigley and others agreed that because of the calendar this year, moviong the date to the 30th would mean current croo and younger OH would be more likely to join the party (whereas in past years, the earlier schedule meant overlapping with intensive training at Gala and lower chance of good younger turnout). [NOTE: after consultation with event organizers and others, your Chair has made the executive decision to override the Committee’s vote and hold to the original date of 5/16.]

4) MMVSP Traverse & Picnic, 50th Anniversary, July 25 (Stroker). More info available from Brian Fowler in early April. Consult the website, Facebook page, and The Resuscitator (see below).

5)         Resuscitator (Stroker for Beth Weick). Next issue due out 5/1 (deadline for submissions 4/15)

6)         OH Hut Visit Program (Stroker for Josh Alper). Josh to contact James Wrigley to discuss logistics of scheduling OH for hut visits this coming season.

7)         Mizpah & Lakes Anniversaries, 8/14 & 15 (Stroker for Willy Ashbrook). Planning Committee Chairs are Willy Ashbroook and John Nutter.   Also on the Planning Committee: Bill Barrett, Ken Olson, Jenna Whitson (2007 – 2009), Nathaniel Blauss (2005 – 2007), Dave Yampanis (1991 – 1994), Andy Cohen (1981 – 1985), Liz Seabury (1977 – 1981), and Dal Brodhead (1963 – 1965). We’re still looking for OH to represent the “missing years” here: 1966 – 1976, 1986 – 1990, 1995 – 2004, and 2009 to now. Reps can be a huge help in simply getting the word out to their peers.

To make these events accessible to all OH, particularly those on fixed incomes or of limited means, a number of OH have generously stepped up and contributed to a “scholarship” fund to reduce the overnight rates for all attendees by half. Nearly all of the $8000 required has been either collected or at least pledged. Many have contributed to this fund by paying full price for their overnights and directing that half of this money be put towards reducing costs for others.

For program, Toben Traver will be organizing contra dancing with live music at Mispah, and Stroker will assemble a string band for a general after-dinner dance at Lakes. General consensus is that programming should be light and allow plenty of time for conversation and catching up. Perhaps an hour or two at each hut featuring some sort of organized presentation, perhaps reminiscences of hut life by reps from various decades?

Nathaniel Blauss noted the success of using the OH Cabin as a “base camp” for Y-OH during the recent Madison 125th, and suggested reprising that model for anyone who wants to enjoy these events in the company of other OH without overnighting at the huts.

Dave Huntley had proposed videotaping the entire weekend, but as of this posting, has had to withdraw for work and family considerations. The OH would gladly welcome someone else stepping forward to shoot and produce professional-quality video and stills of this event. Documenting these parties for online distribution represents an exceptional opportunity for young member outreach, by showing younger OH what these parties are all about through a medium they use daily. Contact Stroker if you’re interested. Funding available.

 8)         Membership Development (Stroker). Participants at this Portland, ME, meeting affirmed the success of these “road trip” Steering Committee meetings by both their words and their numbers. Possible locations for future meetings include Burlington, and Portsmouth and Nashua, both sites of last year’s “road trips”. Y-OH are continuing to sponsor pub meet-ups in Boston, and our Ambassador to the People’s Independent Republic of San Francisco, is planning a social function or two for Bay Area OH in the near future.

9)       Date for Next Steering Committee Meeting: 4/21, Bertucci’s, Alewife Station (end of the Red Line, Cambridge, MA).



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