Ghoul-Zool 75th

Ghoul-Zool 75th
07/02/07 9:40 PM

Thanks to all who contributed to the Ghoul-Zool 75th

We had beautiful weather and good turnouts at both 75th Anniversary celebrations. Thanks to Mike Kautz and Eric Petersen for all the arrangements and coordination from Pinkham. Thanks to the two croos for going all-out in each case, for putting out a terrific spread of food and beverage, for choosing such unique methods of determining which table would be served first, for giving us two fantastic BFD’s (the dinosaurs not becoming extinct, but instead evolving into . . . Willy Ashbrook?), and for (among many other things) generally being such wonderful hostesses and hosts. Thanks to the aforesaid Willy Ashbrook and to Bob Kreitler for keeping things moving efficiently as MC’s. Thanks to Brooks Dodge and Hanque Parker for telling it like it was, way back when. Thanks to Bill Hoffmann for contributing the design of the T-shirts and for keeping the Ghoul-Zool Mountain Club alive by inducting new members. Thanks to Jim Hamilton for publicizing the anniversaries in the Resuscitator and for making the T-shirt arrangements. And especially thanks to all who attended and contributed their reminiscences about the two huts. See you all at the 100th!

And now if anyone has any good photos they would like to share, please email them to Tom Kelleher ( for posting on the website, and to Jim Hamilton ( for publishing in the Resuscitator.

Thanks, Bill Barrett

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